Canine care and well-being

Do you feel that your dog is one of the family?

Surely we agree on how important dogs are in our homes today, we want the best care, that they are physically and emotionally well, that they are happy and have quality of life.

ANDn perros al colegio we think and feel like youThis is demonstrated by our extensive training, experience and long history in the canine world, which is why we offer you the best care, attention and well-being services for your dog and family.

Wellness and learning

Activity programs

dogs in the field

all he needs

Because we know that each dog is unique and requires personalized attention

Our services

At our canine school we offer education and fun for your best friend.
Get to know our services!
Dog sitter attending to four dogs

canine college

With large extensions of land in the middle of nature and with the best professionals, so that their ethology is understood and respected, covering their needs in the most doggy way possible.

Keepers training a German Shepherd

Canine behavior

As specialists in canine behavior and communication, we have created our own methodology, the KUMBER method, to help you improve those maladaptive behaviors.

Dog sitters consulting a computer with two dogs


Do you have problems? Don't you understand your dog? Or do you have doubts about how to channel a canine issue? We hear you!!! We will give you advice, guidelines and we will guide you with your problem, doubt or query.

Woman consulting her computer with a dog on her lap

Courses and training

Learn the intricate canine world at your own pace so that each time you get to know and understand each other more and better. And if you don't have a dog yet, go ahead! The education of our dogs begins before incorporating them into the family.

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